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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Welcome to level 33, here, you're locked in a weird room, a ladder leadin nowhere, a bench with some sort of map or image and some writings, the door on your right is locked and you have to figure your way out.

Luckily for you, at thie time you have gotten used to E.B.O.N.Y and you know what to expect, so you start looking the source, you found the author left you some tips:

A ladder leads to nowhere on the left (you can ignore it) and you can also find a plan on a table to the left. Someone wrote something next to it

Perhaps, the latter two things are worth a brief examination

After looking at the plan or map, you have no clue what does it mean, you try to twist it and rotate it but that doesn't work. Finally.... you decide to look at the writings someone left, they look quite weird, but ypu've seen things like this one before.... The typical Giskard Murdock's hints

Well... we're gonna give you one more useful hint, use the crisscross and the X Giskard left, overlapping the images and you'll find the way to arrange the puzzle. Two more hints:

Use the CRISSCROSS to arrange A B E & F rows

Use the X to arrange the C & D rows


A little bit more help from us:

Swap 1A with 5F Swap 1B with 5E Swap 1C with 5D

Swap 5A with 1F Swap 5B with 1E Swap 1D with 5C

There you go.......


US Fuzzy
PW Logic


Well, starting th adventure on the other path, this level is quite easy, if you really know what are you looking for. At least for us the source code in this level didn't told much, however, we analized the image, it's name and the level's name too.

Btw, don't panic the purple path has nothing to do, but, you have to look carefully at the image, if you look quite carefully you can see this:

If you pay attention the image is called code and the level is named draw the line, from that you can deduct the code is a code related to lines, perhaps an antique code, Which code uses lines?
more specifically long lines & dots?

YUP! morse code, well you knpw what to do don't ya?, get a morse code table and find out what the left line of the purple path means. That's your answer. A hint form us:

It is not an english word, and perhaps we don't know in which language is it, ir is a weird word, actually we can't assure it is a wrod but.... you'll find it, don't ya?

For the lazybones

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Welcome to level 44, stil cold, not freezing, but better than the previous room as the story of the level tells:

You find an "_|" shaped corridor, and (mostly by instinct) you go straight ahead. Soon the passage turns left, then left again and finally - for a change - left, once more.

Great. You're back where you arrived.

A strange table is attached to the wall which you can observe if you wish.

But for you, that table is really pointless at this time... as you focus in the image you can see sequences of letters. YUP! those are the way you need to get your answer. so, let's see...

As our friend Liandon said in one of his comments those are sequences of letters that are developed or written from the way keys are placed in the keyboard, the only thing you have to do is look down into your keyboard and find the next letter in the sequence.

so... lets see...


Which letters are missing in each case? got the answer?
For our lazy friends highlight besides this text leftover.html


While our long absence from the blog, many cried and begged for the next levels solutions 43 and up, well we're starting to puvlish them, after reordenring the blog a little, we're still missing three other paths besides this one, we'll publish them as long as we solve them. For now....


Inthis level you get to a room freezed by a stuck air conditioner, which has such a low temperature that has frozen the door and it's locked. You have to find the way in which you could rise the temperature,but..... HOW????

Again, we're very sorry but you'll have to use math once more. A strange weird friend left you a clue on the wall, remember Giskard? the nerd & geeky man that has left strange clues all over?

Look at this hint:

He left you and equation:

32 = 273,15

? = 293,15

Since we're dealing with temperatures, let's think a little:

  • In which temperature scale is 32 a very low temperature?
  • In which temperature scale is 273,15 a very low temperature?
  • In which temperature scale is 293,15 a reasonable not too hot not too cold temperature?

Hoping you have thought contiously about it you'll deduct that normally 273,15 degrees is a very HOT temperature in fahrenheit and celsius, what you've got?


Now you know you can find out 273,15 degrees kelvin are equal to ? celsius or ? fahrenheit, in which of the two scales is 32 = 273,15 once you got the answer, convert 293,15 to that scale and you'll get the answer.

For the lazy ones



Weird huh? LOL don't be scared. This level is funny too. As you see you're fighting her, she doesn't want to talk, she just wants you to defeat her or fall apart. If you see the source it talks about the graffiti in the walls. btw aren't they a little bit distorted? LOL

*One* Graffiti is relevant!

If you are picky enough you'll see most of the graffiti are acronyms, particulary, net acronyms, but there's only one that works.Perhaps if you haven't seen it before it is the weirdest of 'em all. A hint from us to you:

It is on the right wall and maybe.... the biggest one.

Once you find it, if you know hat it means Congrats! if not, UTFG!!!!!!! and you'll know what we mean he's your best friend. Now.... look at the source you'll find the weirdest thing ever! pairs of words, some of them..... pretty weird.

  • Ebony (E) vs Riddle Game (R)
  • fuzzy (S) vs logic (L)
  • alien (B) vs predator (P)
  • Murdock (O) vs Samara (A)
  • Sherlock Holmes (T) vs Hercule Poirot (M)
  • BanBoil (H) vs LinHuan (I)
  • ipfahhy (A) vs fwiffo (V)
  • cejtamid (C) vs tzimisce (E)
  • Lady Madonna (N) vs Fixing a Hole (C)
  • wtf (Y) vs lol (I)
After you have the list of them look at the URL has something like ggfight. It is related to your friend google, specifically it means google fight search it in google and start the fights. As you could see each word has a letter on it's side when youmake the fights, we recommend you to write or take notes of who wins in each case.

After you've done this, you'll have formed a word with the single letters, that's NOT the answer, however it'll lead you to the answer. If you type it as you got it you'll get a clue. The egg's page is tsomla and it says something like: back

Definitely getting to the answer is pretty easy just get the word and turn it backwards.



Yup! you meet her again in a series of two egg pages and one level, so waht you have to do is indeed try to find who tha heck is she. The story says:

You've guessed right!

You try to climb down but you lose your grip and start to fall...

...but after a few seconds you reach a new corridor - unhurt.

Suddenly, you have an intuition: you're not alone. You turn back by instinct - just in time. Someone's sneaked behind you but in the darkness you can't see quite well who's there. A female voice calls your name.

You're sure that you've met her once.

You're given a list of the names of characters that you may have met on your way through E.B.O.N.Y however only one name is the correct one,.........


You need to act quick!

Maybe you should start a conversation - but with whom?

on the other hand if you don't guess right, you'll get to another path with no dimmensions and some stuff of coordinates but still we haven't tried it, we promise we will

For our lazy friends the answer is



Welcome again! in this level, we find the screen image pretty relaxing as long as you don't have to get inside the water again

This level is quite amazing for those who have read and seen Harry Potter's story. If you remember, somewhere in the story Harry discovered thanks to Fred and George ( Ron's older twin brothers) a magical map. The marauders map, this map reveals all of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Not only does it show every classroom, every hallway, every corner of the castle, but it also shows every inch of the grounds, as well as all the secret passages that are hidden within its walls and the location of every person in the grounds. It is also capable of accurately identifying each person whenever he or she is inside the map's limits.

Well, if you try to sneak peek at the map floating in the water it's not specifically a marauders map but you'll find a map related to routes and paths in E.B.O.N.Y it's not complete. What you'll have to do is find out in the map some names, fortunately for you they're written in yellow so it's easy to find them, perhaps, the font doesn't help a lot.

  • Moony
  • Wormtail
  • Padfoot
  • Prongs

If you do remember the nicknames of the inventors of marauder's map you'll understand who are them and you'll figure their real names easily. If not maybe you can google it and see what you find. Still you don't get what to do, or..... do you?

LOL!!!! if you remember Potter's story, something wrong happens with one of them. Who is him? Now that you've got the names of them four, you maybe want to try them. As you can see you're asked for a username and a password. ONE of them is the answer

  • The username = his name
  • The password = his last name

Their names:

  • Remus Lupin
  • Peter Pettigrew
  • Sirius Black
  • James Potter

On the other side there's another grate which awaits for a single word, well... if you look you can see aneninen worte in the map's hints something like:

Though most parts are clearly unreadable it still can reveal something. It would be useful if you could find out where you are. Indeed, it has something more to reveal, find where you are and you'll get it. And... perhaps the E.B.O.N.Y map could be useful anothertime.


P.D.: Ohh.... yes, each answer leads to a different path. GOOD LUCK!


Welcome to level 40. Astonishing you've arrived here just to find a very simple CLICK HERE! isn't it annoying? Well this level is what it is because of a problem on it's creation. The creator of E.B.O.N.Y associated or linked the answer of this level to a video on youtube, but since the video is nolonger avilable, E.B.O.N.Y's creator had to modify the level, since he was in a hurry he just created a click here level

Perhaps a little bit TOO EASY! This time we'll shout and yell at you the answer



As you found out in the previous level and in this level's title, you have to recapitulate, reembering where the heck in E.B.O.N.Y have you been.

You're in white hallway leading, who knows where, but, you can find a glass is blocking your way through and some sort of ad hanging on the left wall, you think that ad may help you, and it does, but you have to be precautious.

The ad shows you twelve different images among screenshots of your "life" or way in E.B.O.N.Y and some other images, each image has a letter for you to make an anagram, but be careful and remember:

  • You only need SEVEN letters to make up the word
  • You haven't been to all of the places in the images
  • Some images are not related to E.B.O.N.Y

Now you know this, we will give you a nice hint:

The word you need is a place on the eastern bank of the Rhine river near St. Goarshausen, in the beautiful country of Germany. It marks the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea.

For the lazy ones:



Welcome again....

TO A NEW DARK LEVEL!!! lololololol

In this level which is more easier than others, in fact,the only thing you have to do is, as always take a sneaky peek on the URL, the image's name and the level's name. As you can see the level's name is 7/14 which, if u remember math equals to a half (1/2). Also you find the URL says something like bhalf at the end.

A hint from us to you: have you searched for ahalf? same image different things.

Take a look at it!

If you haven't forgot in E.B.O.N.Y you are expected to take a look into the source code too, right? OK! So... take a look in the source code of bhalf, then change into ahalf see any differences? There are some letters in each source code in bhalf you will find some like:


On the other half, in ahalf you'll see some like:


The only thing you have to do, is anagram them and you've got the answer for our lazy friends:



You may be happy you're out of water, also you may be happy you don't have to deal with dragons, anymore but....

We wouldn't be happy if we were you, being inside a glowing green disgusting cave without been able to go anywhere else? that's not nice at all. But, still, thanks to your good luck you are in the funniest eternal-like level, yes indeed this

Well, let's start then, first you've got to do the usual steps:

  • Check the screen
  • Check image's name
  • Check page's Title
  • Check URL
  • Check Source code
After you've done all that you'll see in the source some interesting hint


Hmmm... seems a hint to the URL try replacing the word title with the name of the page, and assuming you checke the image's name you know that you need a directory, a dierctory is a file located in the server that contains some other important data for the game

Which directory? well, you should know al ready, the author told you a few lines ago, particulary in the source hint. YES! inside is the directory, since this level is a little but long we'll tell you the mini answers you need to get to the real answers, and perhaps the answer too...

at this time you have to have typed in the URL something like:


That will lead you to the first egg page in the level:

BABUSHKA: A closer look.....

Still... you're wondering WTH do I have to do right now.., well... We have to tell you that you need to continue making the same process you made to reach this egg page, We're going to give you a small hint, from now on.. until you finish this level the directory inside is gonna be part of the URL so let's see what you have so far...


ar to reach the next egg page you need to add some more things to the URL as it is right now, again, look at the source.... you've got this:


this: So, as we told you before, the directory will stay there in the URL, the author is telling you you just need to add the title of the page to the html address in the URL, let's see if you can...

... /zelda/matryoshka/inside/babushka.html

Still, you have two more egg pages to beat and the fnal screen of this level, so slow down...

WOMAN: A closer look.....

Now, you know, you have to look at the source so... DO IT!
what does it say?


say Well you get even a closer look on a thin you don't know  wth it is, and perhaps you may be thiking, that thing is you way out, well, it is... but maybe you don't know it's name, or... the way the author wants you to name it  BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
Don't panic you still have two more egg pages and the final one....
The author is telling you to add the name of the image and the title of the page into the URL so do it! Quick! we're geting tired of this green cave! 
Ain't we evil? pressing you? LOL
you'll get this:
... /zelda/matryoshka/inside/doll/woman.html

WOMAN: An even closer look.....

Well... you've beaten one more egg page just one more and the final one LOLOLOLOLOL
we won't make this thing longer than it is, in the source code you have this:


Where is this famous doll from? maybe.... just maybe....you could.... UTFG!!!!!!!!!
The author is asking you to add the nationality of this doll to the URL so you'll maybe get something like:
... /zelda/matryoshka/inside/doll/russian/woman.html

ALMOST THERE: an exceptionally close look

Well... you've beaten one more egg page, it's convenient to look up what kind of page is this, it is an ________ egg page maybe that can help you a lot on the answer....

Again, the source code says:


Well we hope you already know what to add to the URL, you'll get this:

... /zelda/matryoshka/inside/doll/russian/easter/egg.html
This will lead you to tha final screen a pretty obvious one, in which you se the answer in front of your little nose, just erase the URL until you get


and add what you need...For our lazy friends



Welcome to the infamous level 36, this level it's VERY easy if you know where to search for the answer, as it's usual in E.B.O.N.Y you'll find a couple of hints in the source, or in the image, or in the title, or in the screen.

In the source code you'll find the oddest and weirdest clue ever:

It's 37,587 bytes. You only need 17 of them ^_^.

There it is, although you still don't know WTH are they talking about, don't panic, a hint from us: It has to do with the image properties so, you may want to sneak into the image properties, for that you may drag the image in your desktop and then right click on it to find it's properties.
There you'll find it's true that the image has no more, no less than 37,587 bytes, and you find ou that the clue the author gave you is about the bytes, but.. which 17 bytes you need?
In the properties window youll see some other extra details such as the image's:
  • Name
  • Extension
  • Size
  • File Route
  • Title
How about taking a look at each of this properties, ony one of them has a .html name, and obviously that is the answer, but which one shall it be?
In this level we're going to be a little mean, find the answer yourself and only after you have broken your head and can guarantee us that you did you can contact us and ask for the answer


Welcome to a strange level, at least for us was, at first sight, quire strange, for you, maybe it's even worse, but.... don't panic, it's no big deal. As Aneninen says:

You're in.

YES! you're in...

There's a bit more light here. You can see the remnants of a large stone building. You would approach it but suddenly a deep voice stops you.

After blocking your instinctive impulse of going further, you notice that the voice is telling you a little riddle, quite complicated, quite menacing but a riddle at last. He, or she.... talks about olympics, about been forgotten, about been famous, about coming back in 2012, maybe....

We don't exactly know but the thing we know is the answer to all this mess.

It's a creature, the gender is unspecified and is the least important thing. Oh.... and it isn't any of the previous characters you've met. Funny isn't it?


A hunt from us to you, it's a dragon, but..... not a simple dragon, perhaps you could get a hint if you type dragon.html. Or if you're picky enough you'll see at least two chinese characters in the image, try to find out what they mean.

As the author says, YES! a dragon! but.... what kind of? somewhere in the egg page with the hint says something like:


Yes, you have to specify an element but, we have to say, it is way too obvious, as you have been under ________ for at least two levels

For the lazy ones:


And of course the dragon is a