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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Level 22 Right Path

GOOD NEWS!!!!! For those who find the left path difficult ( the one we published before from level 22 to level 28, We now finished dealing with the right path so... now you have two options to play.

In this path you'll find pretty curious things and some of them very funny, but... YOU HAVE TO PASS OVER THE FAIRY VEIN!!!! and you're asked to find a word that rhymes with fairyvein.

Sound creepy huh? Well it is not. In this level you're asked to find the right trac, this means you have to find a track ( an audio file) hmm... we still wonder why the " k " of trac is missing. Well... who cares, as we said just find the right track so...We recommend to look ( as always) at the source code ( at this point you should be able to recognize what E.B.O.N.Y likes, it likes odd things) so search in the source code for something odd or gibberish.

Once more.. here we luv to make it easier for you so..

script language="Fairy">                
Somewhere in the source you should see the word RIGHT followed by a number and you have to find the track... hmmm... sounds interesting well,  since track is trac you must be thinking you should look for trac32 or 32 trac, and you don't get wth is the screen title.
Once not long ago an ex-player of E.B.O.N.Y said MPPP was equivalent to Demerol, well it is, but E.B.O.N.Y DOES NOT WANT A CHEMICAL ANSWER. Look at the title carefully, How many P's does it have? got it? Finally an audio file could be a mp3 and now try to combine this stuff should be easy for you. Yes we know waht you're thinking.
just,  trac32.mp3
But the sad part is, you still can't get out of level 22, you have to find the rhyme, but....
Before you can reach the mp3 you're asked for a Username and a Password that YOU HAVE USED BEFORE.Yes indeed you have used it before, in a level not far away from this one. How about taking a sneak peek at level 18, got it?
Now you have reached the mp3, you are still missing the rhyme... but... What does the mp3 say? What word? GOT IT?



  2. I see: ZxZxZxZxZ
    2x2x2x2x2 = 32
    the link then looks like:

    For those who are slow like me. I didn't need a username and password though.

  3. I can't understand what word the mp3 is saying! This game is so stupid!! I"M DONE!!!

  4. I tried flutterwing but it doesn't seem to be working. The mp3 is very difficult to understand--I mean there's cryptic and then there's silliness.

  5. you guys the mp3 says faraway good luck!

  6. I swear I was sitting at my desk listening to that sound clip for the longest time, and I could not(for the love of my life) figure out what was being said. ty.

  7. it says faraway. just copy and paste the webdings.
    I thought the trac with out the k meant trac edgewall.


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