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Monday, December 21, 2009

Level 7

On this level you get a poem which says:

Can you believe you've finally arrived?

How very true - though now I must enlight'
All who enter need to say it loud:
She who lives here and a word is found
Extracting the rhyme you've read by now!

And you are asked to get a Username and a Password to go past this level and to the next one, this is easy if you consider that the password is hidden in the poem if u read it from another angle (read it not from left to right) but maybe you should try reading it from up to bottom.

If you still don't get the password don't worry we've made it easy for you, we have already marked the password in the poem with red letters. And the pther thing you are missing is the username, well... don't worry. All you know is you have used it before, in a level not far behind.

YES!! REMEMBER WE TOLD YOU TO WRITE EVERYTHING? think about level 6 and, who lives there? well.. the answer is easy once you know it, Sukeena is the name. So... now you have found both just click, type 'em and go on to the next level.

USERNAME: sukeena



  1. Hey i need help with level 7, i've typed in sukeena into the UN box and chase into the password and it just refreshes the box, i don't know what to do :( jason_stainsby@msn.com

    1. i typed in http://ebony.extra.hu/ailyn/rosered.html and i got into the next level hope this is what you wanted

    2. WHOOPS! sorry that was for level 6! dont mind me

    3. its me again the answer is USERNAME: sukeena PASSWORD: chase(we all know that). hope this helps (after the 3rd time)

  2. It wasn't working for me even though I was using the proper username and password. I swiched browsers, (copied and pasted the URL) and then it worked fine.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I tryed to type it in like 100 times and it still won't work

  4. http://ebony.extra.hu/ailyn/rosered.html
    can't get in after i typed sukeena and chase,
    page won't load. );
    not even http://ebony.extra.hu/ailyn/rosered.html works anymore );;;<<<<

  5. There's a problem:
    At first, i tried using a different username and it was wrong, But it did say save password and i clicked yes. Then i tried the right username and i had to wait, but guess what... all i got was this text: This webpage is not available. Can you please tell me what's going on?


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Please if you need help leave us your name and e-mail address so we can answer your questions