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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Level 3

Here is where you really receive your welcome to the game, the levels now on start getting more and more difficult, but... don't worry trust us and you'll solve each and every level.

One advice the creator gives for this level and the ones after it is to check evry title in the screen, the tab or screen name, the source code, the character's name etc. But one of the most important and useful ones is the image's name, how can you find it? well copy the image to your desktop and you'll see it.

Here the creator tells you about changing the last section of the URL, where is it?? well.. on your browser at the top of it you'll see a long white box with things such as this URL


Well in this particular level u can see on the image a yellow obelisk, and if you notice and look all over the screen, the URL ends in oei.html and the top of the screen ( the tab) has a name such as _b_l_sk. Don't panic, all you have to do is fill in the blanks with letter, but... which letters, well the URL ends in oei.html right? ok so when you fill them you'll get something like



  1. it doesn´t work

  2. in reply to anonymous; place "obelisk" in the url after the final slash where the last three vowels are at present.

  3. http://ebony.extra.hu/ailyn/oei/obelisk.html does not go to a valid page.

  4. http://ebony.extra.hu/ailyn/oei/obelisk.html
    Is not correct it should look like this
    Or at least that’s what worked for me.


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Please if you need help leave us your name and e-mail address so we can answer your questions